We are true Breakdance builder lovers!

Hi, I’m a Breakdance builder expert who loves to design Breakdance child themes and layouts. With 4+ years of experience, I am managing an 8+ member team.
Lovish Gulati
Breakdance Builder Expert & Manager
My passion is to inspire, enable, and empower individuals, teams, and organizations through education and training, transformation and integration, capability development and empowerment, and performance and productivity improvement.
Vinay Gulati
Advisor | Angel | Author
My name is Akash and I am a web designer, and Breakdance Child Theme expert, with 2+ years of experience. I love to explore and create new Awesome designs. You will be amaze by my work.
Akash Mukharjee
Breakdance Builder Expert & Manager
Hi , My name is Ayush Dubey and I'm Manager Of BreakdanceAwesome, A web designer and Breakdance Layout Expert, with expertise of one year. I bring unique brand of creativity and technical skill to every project and I can turn most complex design challenges into beautiful functional websites..
Ayush Dubey
Breakdance Builder Expert & Manager
Hi, my name is Anshu. I am a passionate Web designer, Breakdance Layout expert, with expertise of one year. I can create layouts that can amaze you with their designs and help you make your project a success.
Senior Breakdance Layout Specialist
My name is Yogendra and I am a graphic designer with 5+ years of experience. I have knowledge in almost all Adobe products related to designing. I love DESIGNING.
Yogendra Kushwaha
Graphic & Logo Designer, Duogeeks